Welcome to the Qian Group

We conduct experimental research in quantum photonics, quantum communication, nonlinear optics, sensing and metrology. We also enjoy skiing, hiking, coffee, tea, and cakes!

To learn more about our current work, see Research. We are always looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (more info).


19 Feb 2023

Amita and Alex will both give oral presentations at CLEO. Neel will give an invited talk and Prof. Qian will give a tutorial at CLEO.

19 Feb 2023

Olinka will give an oral presentation on resource efficient MDI-QKD at OFC. Prof. Qian will give an inivted talk at OFC.

19 Feb 2023

Alex publishes paper on SVM-derived Entanglement Witnesses in Phyiscal Review Applied!

31 Jan 2023

Neel Choksi gave an invited talk on ultra-narrow spectral dip in twisted gain media at Photonics West!

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